High Potential and Gifted Students: Magna Facta Class

Magna Facta is our school motto and means great deeds. In this class we are looking for students who have demonstrated great deeds –motivated students who are always aiming high, striving to do their best at all times. willing to take on extra tasks and take ownership of their learning. In class students are provided innovative learning opportunities to develop deeper knowledge and understanding across all curriculum areas and given higher order thinking activities to extend their problem solving and analytical skills. This class is for students who want to work cooperatively with like-minded learners who are dedicated and driven to continue to achieve great deeds.

Student Thoughts

Year 9 students were asked about their experiences in the GAT class (now Magna Facta class) These were some of their comments:

I loved the GAT class because everyone became friends…..it felt like a mini family

This was the best class so far. We had multiple opportunities to do some really fun things that helped us learn

The highlight of the class was the great excursions we went on … especially Sydney university

I liked that we were all similar in that we wanted to learn and try new things, new ideas…

The teachers were the best teachers and we worked at a faster learning pace

We did lots of extracurricular activities

Teachers expect a lot

All subjects were fun

I loved our class work ethic … we all had fun and allowed each other to learn and get work done