Welcome to
Model Farms High School

It is my very great pleasure to welcome you to Model Farms High School. In joining the school, you are joining a renowned institution that I hope will give you every opportunity to pursue a long, interesting and fulfilling education. The school is located on Darug country. It is named so because the area was set up to demonstrate farming practices to convicts and others who wished to start a farm when the first settlers arrived in Sydney. A suburb of the same name was never established but the historical significance of this is acknowledged in the school’s name.

The school was founded in 1975 and moved to this site in 1976. Model Farms is situated in a lush setting which captures something of the vision, belief and confidence our early forbearers had for the value and prominence they wished to give to education. The farm itself is an integral part of our curriculum although we are not a predominantly agricultural school.

As a member of the school community, you will be become part of this heritage, part of this great historical sweep that has brought Model Farms to this place and time. We have an exciting and dynamic school and it is our collective vision to work together to ensure the future success of your child in an environment where they will be known, valued and cared for.

Welcome to Model Farms High School

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